Mission and Vision

Picture of laptop, pen and paper, phone and cup of teaMy mission since 1995, has been to transform the views our society has regarding child sexual abuse, talk openly about sexual abuse crimes, and bring child sexual predators to justice. I’ve followed that mission through my work with law enforcement, through sharing my own story of child sexual abuse, and through the information I share on JuliePosey.com.

My goals to continue this mission are:


  • Bring about an awareness of the the prevalence of child sexual abuse by talking to individuals, groups, and organizations.
  • Provide information about the bills before congress and new laws being passed. Some may be helpful while others will destroy the way sexual predators are prosecuted or how we treat the victims/survivors of sexual abuse.
  • Provide information about political candidates and lawmakers that support the prosecution of child trafficking crimes and are working to prevent sexual abuse of our nation’s children.

Changes I’d like to see in our world:

  • See changes made that make the crime of child sexual abuse priority issue by holding offenders accountable.
  • Build better communication and collaboration systems between state and local law enforcement agencies and federal law enforcement agencies to make it easier to prosecute sex crimes.
  • See improvements in the way society responds to the disclosure of child sexual abuse so there can be a better healing experience for survivors.
  • See laws changed that provide additional funding to state, local, and federal law enforcement for more accurate evidence collection and processing that will assist in promoting a more timely apprehension and prosecution of sexual perpetrators.