Do Child Pornographers Molest Children?

The Internet has become a very useful tool for pedophiles and child molesters. Thousands of them band together in huge networks designed to fuel each other’s dreams of one day having sex with a child.

Many people think that child pornography is only a harmless fantasy and that the person viewing it, downloading it, exchanging, and collecting it will just keep gathering and trading it and that never hurts anyone. The real truth is that it does hurt many people including the child pornographer, the child victims, and anyone else who is exposed to it.

It has been my experience that sex offenders never stop at just viewing these images of children being victimized by adults or older juveniles. The child pornographer starts out occasionally viewing child pornography online. Then in a very short period of time he begins to share his likes and dislikes with fellow pedophiles or child molesters. The next thing that happens is he seeks to have sexually explicit conversations with young people and expose them to his addiction by sending them samples of his collection to lower their inhibitions and demonstrate exactly what they want to do when they meet the child in person. Then, the more pornography he views, the more likely he is to follow through with his suggestion to meet the child in person to molest, rape, or sodomize a child.

I have watched hundreds of men and women start out lurking around the child porn sites online and within just a few weeks they are seeking to meet an actual child to fulfill the fantasies he’s seen in photos. Luckily, many of the ones I’ve seen on the Internet are arrested and convicted for their criminal acts. I can’t remember a case I’ve been involved in that didn’t include evidence of child pornography on the suspect’s home or work computer or on his person at the time of arrest. Most of the time the number of images is in the thousands but I have seen collections with as few as three hundred images. The massive collection of child porn he has almost exactly matches the fantasies he’s talked about with children.

Many of these individuals start out looking at images depicting teens or preteens having sex with adults and then his habit rapidly progress to viewing, collecting and trading very violent images with even younger children. There is now a huge demand for sexual explicit images of infants as young as birth.

It is my personal opinion that unless a person is arrested for creating, possessing, trading or collecting child pornography, it is just a matter of time before he rapes or molests or kills a child. It is also my opinion that he is likely to expose hundreds of children to child pornography and he is likely to assault at least forty children before he is ever arrested.

Many people are aware of a family member, coworker or friend who is involved in distributing child pornography but they say nothing. If everyone with knowledge of a child pornographer would make a report, we could greatly reduce this huge problem on the Internet. If you know of a child being sexually exploited or know of someone viewing, collecting or trading child pornography, please report that to the CyberTipline.